Tuesday, March 15, 2016

March Madness: Opening Game Predictions.

Since the Tournament (sort of) starts tonight with the play-in games here are my picks for those....(Odds shown are the odds that I took when I made my picks and might not reflect current odds.)

Florida Gulf Coast (-6.5) vs. Fairleigh Dickinson - Florida Gulf Coast should win this and cover. This feels like a 10 point game to me.

Wichita State (-4) vs. Vanderbilt. I like Wichita State to win here but Vandy to cover.  I think this is a pretty even game which should be the most exciting finish of the day, possibly of any of the 4 play-in games.

Southern (-2.5) vs. Holy Cross. Holy Cross is a great story, but I think Southern is just too good for them to compete.  Southern to win and cover.

Michigan (-3) vs. Tulsa Tulsa and Michigan are both teams that I don't think should have made it into the tournament. Both teams have sub-par guard play, Michigan is better on the interior. I think Michigan wins and covers despite their injury depleted condition.

I'm still working on the remainder of my brackets, and I probably won't have them fully completed until Thursday night.  I will upload a screenshot then before the tournament proper gets started.

There are a LOT of betting opportunities in this tournament, go take the casinos for everything their worth.

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