Wednesday, June 29, 2016

In the matter of RJ Bell vs. Deadspin.....

Last week I mentioned a Deadspin article surrounding and, more specifically, site founder RJ Bell.

In the interest of being fair, here is Mr. Bell's rebuttal claiming 28 factual errors in the Deadspin story.

My view has been very clear from the beginning: I see no value in so-called "tout" pick-buying services and my opinion has not changed.  Caveat Emptor and all of that.

All that said, I DO have issues with the transparency of ALL sites when it comes to

1. Who it is exactly that's making the picks, and how verifiable their backgrounds are. I post here under my real name, am 100% honest about my record and don't sell my picks. They're published free for everyone to read well before game time. You also know who I am, or I'll tell you if you ask. I'm not a so-called "expert". I'm just a guy who likes to wager.

2. Why are historical picks so difficult to track. Again, ALL of my prior picks are still here, to be searched, without using a CAPTCHA or other technology, just look back in the history.

I would recommend frequenting a so-called "tout site" even just for entertainment purposes if they could follow those two rules.

Oh, and...

3. Don't make deals with sportsbooks where you take a share of referred player's losses. That's just dishonest as hell.

Anyway, read the Deadspin article and then read Mr. Bell's rebuttal and make up your own mind.

You're all adults. (I think)

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