Monday, July 25, 2016

Big XII Expansion: If Baylor is Against You.

By my way of thinking this is good news for Houston.

Baylor should oppose Houston's Big XII bid. Kendall Kant, Our Daily Bears.

Houston is an attractive expansion target for a number of reasons. Those reasons make Houston a huge threat to Baylor, if they join the Big 12. Baylor should not elevate a strong program in Texas, or make it less likely the Bears find a home in the next round of realignment.

If Baylor's argument against boils down to "Houston is a good program on the rise and that's bad for Baylor", then given Baylor's recent issues I believe this strengthens, rather than weakens Houston's position.

Before the latest round of endorsements from UT-Austin, I thought UH to the Big XII was always a pipe dream and I thought that Houston's talking to the Pac-12 made more sense.


The right people are seemingly in support of them and the wrong people are against them.

Baylor's days as a top-tier program are, in my mind, coming to an end. UH should worry about wooing OU and the northern schools.  Let Baylor wither on their angry vine.

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