Monday, August 1, 2016

The Shield: Yup, it's the silly season.

Tony Romo is FAT!!! - Except, really, he isn't.  And most of the sports "reporters" poking fun at him are in way worse shape than him.

DeAndre Hopkins with the worst hold-out ever. - Poor Texans, they can't even get that right.

Fans (and Media) still don't understand what training camp is for. - Nor what should be worried about vs. what shouldn't.

Those are dispatches from what was mostly "Day 1" throughout the NFL of Summer Training Camp. It's the silly season of the NFL when sports writers, desperate for content after basically having the Spring and Early Summer off (I don't count draft writing, which is garbage) write columns about just about anything that happens, despite the fact that, outside of injuries, actual real news rarely happens.

The same thing is true of pre-season games. Which are little more than glorified scrimmages whose sole purpose is to provide teams with two things: 1. Game film for coaches to use in teaching. 2. An aid in deciding the bottom of the roster. In fact, the most important part of any pre-season game is largely the special teams plays.

Most decisions are made on the practice field, and fans only get a limited peek at that. What they do get to see is controlled.  For everything else you're relying on credentialed media, and in many cases they're so close to the team that their reports are all but useless anyway.

The NFL pre-season is the 2nd worst part of the football season. The worst part being the NFL Pro-Bowl.

They're never eliminate either, of course, because the former is a cash cow while the latter give players, coaches and NFL executives a Hawaii vacation.

The ONLY way that fans could bring an end to this atrocity is to stop attending, and stop watching pre-season games and activities.  But, we cannot do that because we think we are "starved" for football (which, as a sport might not be around 20 years from now anyway if they don't get serious about concussions) so on and on it will go.

Call me when the College season starts. That's the REAL beginning of the football season.

(And those "Football is Family" commercials are hot garbage to boot)

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