Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Football Top 25: It's all becoming clearer now.

Let's face it, Top 25 polls are useless. There's still so much football left to play and teams (Hi Baylor!) that we really don't know all that much about.  With that in mind here are 25 thoughts from the last weekend of football.

1. Alabama is really (really) good. Scary good. This doesn't mean they are a lock to win the CFP Championship, there's still games to play, but this is certainly Saban's most talented team ever.

2. The Patriots are really (really) good. Scary good, and on a mission.  If history has taught us anything it's that chip-on-the-shoulder New England is a dominant team.

3. The NFC East is (honestly) good. The Cowboys and Eagles are anyway. I'm not too sure about Washington and the Giants, and I'm not (yet) ready to call them the 'best division in the NFL'.

4. Even the 'good' NFL is almost unwatchable. Over-officiated, poorly-coached slogs with players incapable of making routine plays at times. Unless it's your team playing, there's almost no reason to watch.

5. College football on the other hand.... Yes, the games are too long (keep the clock running after 1st downs except in the last 3 minutes of the half) and yes there are talent disparities, but the games themselves have more energy, emotion and entertainment packed into each weekend than an entire season of NFL.

6.  Shhhhhhh..... I finally had a winning week on my FIVE.

7. Will they or won't they? The Big Ten Twelve is expected to say something today about expansion. Possibly.  Or they won't.  To be honest it's a dead conference walking so who really cares?

8. Of note, other than Alabama, the SEC is not very good. I realize that's blasphemous (the best conference etc. etc.) but they are not a deep league this year. The drop-off after Alabama is pretty glaring.  I think we're going to see that this weekend when aTm gets hammered.

9. The AFC South is awful. Biblically awful.  Like 7 plagues horrible.  Last night's Colts/Texans game was an exercise in unwatchable ball. Most of the time overtime feels like free football, this time it felt like people were being punished.

10. Speaking of horrible. The Browns might not win a game this season.

11. Also horrible. The 49ers defense is wretched. And the offense sucks regardless of whether or not the QB is a social activist.

12. On that note. Shouldn't Chip Kelly give it up and just go back to college football?  Hell, go back to Oregon.

13. Hail and farewell Hazell. Proving that one winning season at Kent State does not a Power 5 head coach make. Raise your hand if you're hoping Les Miles takes that job. *raises hand*

14. Falling Cougars. Tom Herman is a good coach, but people should be paying attention to the troubles UH is having right now.  These are problems that he seems clueless in regards to fixing. That's a problem.

15. The Les Miles Coaching Merry-Go-Round. Where it stops, no one knows.  I'm hoping he goes to Purdue and revives that program however.

16. The Pac-12 South is an open mess. I'm liking USC's chances believe it or not.

17. How real is Washington? We might not find out until their Nov 12th tie with USC.

18. Baylor might not be all that good. At some point they need to play someone. If history is any indication they're going to coast through an easy, early schedule and then get upended out of the CFP. My guess is the Sooners (with that re-charged offense) take them out.

19. Who gets the axe first in the NFL? I think it's a foot race between Miami's head coach and Detroit.  I would have fired Caldwell after last year TBH.

20. The English Premier League should be a uniform model for the NFL. Let the players wear their damn shoes, let the teams control which manufacturer outfits them, and make sure the players follow the team's official uniform.  This letting Nike (Or Reebok, or whoever) have exclusive rights is creating some boring uniforms.  Much like the rest of the league.

21. The Dallas Cowboys are a good football team. Something I thought I wasn't going to have to write this year.

22. Dear Texans players: Let's recap. The fans pay the money, they can decide to come and go from the games whenever they damn well please.  For you to suggest those who left (many of whom had to show up to work on Monday morning, unlike you) aren't "real fans" is stupid and ridiculous.

23. Speaking of the Texans... Does anyone really feel all that comfortable about 4-2 right now? Because the team is about to go to Denver and get boat-raced out of the stadium by a team whose quarterback is Trevor Simien.

24. Phill Simms is awful at analyzing the game of football. That is all.

25. And finally....... The ancient idea that you HAVE to root for a team because you happen to live in the city where they are located is crap.  But not as much crap as publicly subsidized stadiums for Billionaires.  NFL owners are a sorry lot of human beings, all of them.  From Irsay to Kroenke to Jones. They're awful people.  And the State of Nevada just voted to possibly subsidize them to the tune of $750MM.  That's horrible and should result in most of the State Senate and Assembly losing their jobs on election day.

But it won't.  Which is why we're in the current sorry state that we find ourselves as a Nation.

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