Monday, March 13, 2017

Houston Texans: Is it time to question O'Brien?

Stories like this make you wonder.

The fact is that Bill O'Brien is not the "quarterback whisperer" that he's been advertised to be. In fact, most of the quarterbacks who have left the Texans, Hoyer, the Fitz, etc. have played BETTER with their new teams than with Houston's professional football team.

For a supposed "offensive guru" O'Brien's offenses have been a consistent embarrassment during his tenure. On any team serious about winning he'd be on a seat so hot you'd feel the warmth in Beaumont.

But these are the Texans, owned by Crazy Bob McNair who is seemingly content to have the team win the pathetic AFC South some seasons and exit meekly in either the first or second round. He can afford to do this because he has one of the bat-shit craziest fan bases in the country, who continually sell out NRG stadium despite having a product that can only be defined as mediocre.

The reality that is starting to emerge is that, unless something changes, O'Brien's best work as coach of the Texans will be some funny monologues in Hard Knocks.

We all know that the Texans are lacking quality in the front office.  GM Rick Smith appears over-matched by his peers, but this trade (undoubtedly dreamed up by an increasingly clever looking Browns team) probably gives him something to point to for years now as evidence of his brilliance.

The question is whether or not the dysfunction at NRG has pervaded the entire team?  We know what the owner's priorities are, and it doesn't seem like anyone on Kirby has a real plan on how to win, and win big.

MAYBE the Texans don't get taken advantage of by Jerry Jones and the Cowboys in their pursuit of Tony Romo but the odds are not in favor.  And MAYBE the team starts 2017 with someone other than "Tom Savage" penciled in as the starter at quarterback.

But, if it IS Tom Savage and hope time for the team then the fans should riot.

They won't though, which is why their team is allowed to continue to court mediocrity on the backs of their unfailing loyalty.  Find something else to do on Sundays Texans fans, until the team gives you reason not to.

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