Monday, February 5, 2018

"Bettor X" Who cleaned up on World Series, wins again.

Remember the unnamed bettor who made Millions on the World Series?

He (or she) is back, and they've won again on the Super Bowl

As near as I can tell from the reports Bettor X laid $5.2 MM on the Eagles M/L and came away a winner, bets that will pay him (or her, but likely him based on reports) somewhere around $8MM and is almost sure to swing most Vegas sports books to only their 3rd loss in the last 38 years on the big game.

So far William Hill as reported a loss, as has CG Technologies. The Westgate Superbook says that they did "fair" on the game but horrible on props, and are relying on advance wagering to pull them into the black.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has more details in this story.

Either way this is a pretty epic run by a mystery man who will either fade away a legend in the sports betting world, emerge as the biggest tout in history, or will eventually watch the vig catch up to him (or her) and come crashing down. 

Either way it's been a fun story to watch.

Given the mysterious nature of all of this I'm surprised Floyd Mayweather hasn't claimed to be Bettor X as of yet.

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