Friday, June 1, 2018

Las Vegas Labor Negotiations: CET and the Union reach a tentative deal.

Our long, national nightmare appears to be drawing to an end.

Caesars reaches tentative deal with culinary union. Las Vegas Review-Journal

No details from the deal have emerged but if I had to guess it will involve a retain and retrain clause for technological advances, some sort of sexual assault warning system for housekeeping and somewhere around a 3% pay increase scheme.

IF it's somewhere close to that then I would expect MGM and the Downtown casinos to pen similar agreements sometime later today.

It always seemed like the other groups were allowing Caesars to take the lead on negotiations and were prepared to follow them should the terms be acceptable. That no one is likely to be elated about the agreement tells me that what was reached is probably fair.

Right now we're in the full-on spin zone regarding the summary to expect both Caesars and the union to release statements declaring this a "win" for their side. Missing from all of this is how the prevention of a strike is a "win" for consumers but that's par for the course in a City that I've said repeatedly has utterly forgotten the customer.

Will things change because of this?  No.

If anything the news that McCarron airport received a record number of visitors in April means that it will be business as usual going forward, only worse.

Having a contract that increases labor costs will now mean that resorts will continue to try and milk customers for all their worth by increasing fees.  I've written on this recently, and I would imagine that the first domino to fall will be a rather large increase in CNF fees, which are the worst fees of them all.

The more things change.

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