Friday, October 16, 2009

Around the Horn

(Your guide to the major players in the Houston Blogosphere in one sentence or less)...

ChronBlog: We still matter dammit!!

BlogHouston: I mean, this Mayor White guy...really?

Bay Area Houston: I HATE Texas!!! (oh, and that Hatch Act thingy....literally)

Off the Kuff: Blogging is much easier since the advent of cut n' paste. (I have nothing to add to that)

The Brazosport News: Would be Houston's Blog oracle if oracles were covered in 1,3-Butadiene

The Houston Press: Run by hipsters, written by amateurs, and read by the tragically douche. (What could possibly go wrong?)

Unca Darrell: A hooligan's format authored by a gentleman.

Texas Watchdog: Hey Buddy. You gonna use that FOIA request?

Lou Minatti: A curmudgeon with a wicked sense of humor.

Big Jolly Politics: Proof that some people will do anything for free to get their name in the papers.

Lone Star Times: On-Line foot-stomping for the dissafected Right-wing of the Republican Party.

Right Wing Sparkle: Look at Me! Look at my Picture! (Aren't I pretty?)

Dr. Melissa Clouthier: Change at the local level is hard. Watch me scream at the National pols.

NeoHouston & Intermodality: The result of planning divorced from the meddling harshness of reality.

Slampo's Place: The happy result of a classical liberal wordsmith having the shackles removed.

Harris County Almanac: Proof of case that accountants should stick to accounting. (Like Lose an Eye but with even less observant observations.)

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