Thursday, October 15, 2009

The noise machine (10/15/09)

A quick n' dirty summary of what's being said around town.

The Chron's Caucasian Think-Tank:

Still hasn't found an increase in State expenditures that they don't like. (Also, did you know that Houstonians will play a key role in this election?)

Mike Snyder of ChronBlog informs us that Annise Parker is "ready to lead". (Oh, and she's gay, counts Chris Bell as a supporter and has a history with County Attorney Vince Ryan) {Did we mention that she's gay?*}

Being opposed to Vince Ryan could be a good thing, if you read Texas Watchdog that is. Who weighs in today with a down n' dirty story of legalized conflicts of inerest that produced results.

Then there's Big Jolly Politics, who made a much-needed return to political reporting with this report which suggests that Sen. Dan Patrick has strayed far from his original populist roots. (And also raises some questions about his use of campaign funds)

Back over at ChronBlog, you guessed it. Falkenberg's got her lone hammer out again and is banging away. (There's been other, better writing on this whole issue throughout the blogosphere.)

Bay Area Houston informs readers that C.O. Bradford has been served with an ethics complaint Not that John Cobarruvias has much faith in the Texas Ethics commission, but at least he didn't end his post with "literally".

Finally, local attorney Tom Kirkendall shoots down Loren Steffy's weak response to the fact that the Skilling trial is going to the Supreme Court. In part because Steffy's (and ChronBlog's) coverage of the thing was so biased that it served to poison the potential jury pool.

That certainly seems like enough to keep you occupied for a while. Enjoy your Thursday!!

*Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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