Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something that should be tied together.

Remember around a month ago when Mayor/Sen. Candidate Bill White warned voters to be wary of spending promises made by people looking to replace him? Bradley Olson started off the story as follows:
Houston mayoral candidates, read Mayor Bill White's lips: No new spending.

White, who has shied away from endorsing or even offering tacit support to those vying to replace him, weighed in last week with surprising advice for voters: Beware of any promises of new spending in 2010 and 2011.

“Texas has not come out of the recession, and sales tax receipts are dropping,” White wrote in a post on his Facebook page Tuesday. “Be sure not to vote for our next mayor based on commitments of more spending in the next two years.”
Nothing wrong there right? I mean, that's good advice given that Houston is still in the throes of a recession, and Harris County taxpayers are potentially on the hook for Billions of dollars of stadium loans. (Including a potential $142 Million dollar balloon payment which will probably have to be picked up by Harris County Residents).

So why is it that Mayor/Sen. Candidate White is suddenly on a spending spree? First there's $3-5 Million on Safe Clear, now there's talk of a $5,000 payment to realtors who sell homes in certain 'disressed' areas.

White's penchant for speaking out of both sides of his mouth is on full display here. Give him this: he's perfected the political practice of changing his story depending on the audience.

Of course, given the lack of interest local media has shown in illuminating these contradictions, there's no reason why he should not continue to do what's worked for him up until now.

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