Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/18/09)

A weekend of chattering.....

How, and where, Houston grows in the future is hotly debated topic. What's not often discussed is how co-called new-urbanists are busily arguing against pretty much every bit of urban development in their neighborhoods. Maybe if that discussion were held we'd get a full idea of the scope of the problem?

Pity the poor ChronBlog, they run a poll that few take seriously (with most pundits ignoring the polls front-runner and spinning it to their chosen candidates' benefit) and then send out Houston's second-least important columnist to try and make sense of it. Part of the problem is, this election, much like ChronBlog, is a symptom of sustained quality decline in Houston among both politicians and the media.

One result of newspapers (and other media) cutting back local resources, is a ballot of Texas Constitutional Amendments that few know much about. Most of the problem lies at the feet of the State political parties as well, who have focused more on issues and "winning in DC" while leaving voters to sort out the local mess on their own.

Ah the Grand Parkway, it's got more stickaround than a zombie despite the fact that sizable majorities seem to not want the damn thing built.

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