Monday, October 19, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/19/09)

Early voting starts today. (Blogs are required to say that)

Taking pot-shots at Rick Perry is somewhat of a parlor game among the worker bees at the rapidly diminishing Austin press corps right now. Whether or not they have anything substantial to say is beside the point.

Old Texas stereotypes die hard. It's never too early to talk rodeo, even if the damn thing is almost six months away.

Be leery of the news that two-thirds of Houstonians are in favor of stricter land-use laws. Not that I question the numbers, or Bradley Olson's reporting, but the questions asked in the poll. Tory Gattis raises some valid concerns here, but I also wonder how many people are just opposed to these things in their neighborhoods, but would be quite happy to see everyone else face some vertical redevelopment?

Behold the power of fried butter.

Imagine this, a teacher tries to improve things, runs into the powerful teachers union, and decided not to run again because the teacher's union was supporting a life-long administrator. Now, what if I told you this was true? Anyone who still thinks Fallon and Co. are either for the teachers or students needs to read this.

Chicken vs. Egg: Is light voter turnout expected because the population is unmotivated, or is voter turnout expected to be light because the slate of candidates is fairly un-motivating? Discuss....

Where you stand on the political spectrum tells how you feel about this. Party over fact.

So far we've heard how Houston has fared better than other cities in regards to the economic downturn. The EPA is doing their darndest to even the playing field.

Most of the best political reporting on a local level is being done by blogs and non-profits in my opinion. This David Jennings piece is further proof of that.

BlogHouston has seen the light. Short, pithy asides with links to stories and brief comment are the wave of the future. (No, I didn't break my arm patting myself on the back.) The thing with blogs is that, no matter how many words, or examples, you provide as proof of case, most readers make up their minds whether to agree or disagree based on pre-existing conditions.

It's not just me: The idea of government subsidized media is the final death-knell of a free and independent media. The future is blogs and non-profit media organizations, and a public that needs to take responsibility for their own actions. Even the MSM is increasingly moving to blogs. I predict they will make wholesale changes soon. For now they're still number one (as this link-post proves) but they are losing their advantage rapidly.

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  1. ** BlogHouston has seen the light. Short, pithy asides with links to stories and brief comment are the wave of the future. **

    Heh, at the very least, it's the wave of our future.

    The standard blogging intro, blockquote, commentary, conclusion was just getting much too tedious, to the point of not being fun or interesting for us anymore (and probably boring/tedious for readers too). We'll give this a try, with the option of still offering a long post here and there.

    As you've shown, a little change is sometimes a good thing! :)


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