Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/20/09)

Into every life a little rain must fall.....

ChronBlog loves the Houston blogosphere. No, really...they do. Some of it anyway. At least the parts they haven't been barred from mentioning by the members of the masthead.

Maybe it's just me, but the style of answers given to bicycle activist Peter Wang by the Houston Mayoral candidates says a lot about them. Parker and Morales answered with a short "yes", Peter Brown referred Peter to his "comprehensive transportation blueprint" yada, yada, yada and Gene Locke sounded like a lawyer. In today's convoluted world, a direct answer is sometimes appreciated.

Remember all of the hubub about the new "smart" parking meters? Local 2 News provides some detail suggesting that they might not be that smart after all. The problem is, there's little incentive for the City, who's sucking up the revenue, to try and fix them.

Another group fascinated with the content of local bloggers is the newly-launched Texas Tribune Weekly. It's nice to see these big media groups taking notice of the bloggers out there.

Speaking of revenue, the County isn't happy with the City's attempt to withhold registration from drivers who fail to pay red-light tickets, according to a story by James Pinkerton of ChronBlog....Remember though, these RLC's are about "safety" NOT revenue....dammit.

The ChronBlog poll that keeps on giving: Bradley Olson informs us that Most Houstonians are undecided when it comes to the controller's race. I don't know about you but I would have NEVER seen that one coming. Thank God for polls.

Yes, L'il Red really did use the phrase squint-eyed skepticism in her latest bout of hammer-banging. And yes, you should be mildly offended that this is being passed off as a Metro column in Houston's largest political blog.

The Chron Caucasian Think-Tank fulfilled media by-law 1, Article 7, sub-set 12 today by submitting this love-letter style eulogy to Justice William Wayne Justice. They might as well be using a paint-by-numbers book to construct these editorials these days. (For that matter, what the hell is the CCTT doing lecturing Texans on racial equality?)

It's too nice a day to be inside. Alas, here I will be. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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