Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The problem isn't that they have a perspective....

...it's that you disagree with the perspective they have..

[Lloyd Green, FoxNews.com]
On Sunday, White House Chief of Staff and Chicagoan Rahm Emanuel announced that Fox News was “not a news organization so much as it has a perspective.”
Whatever Rahm. What he's ignoring is the fact that ALL media is written from a particular perspective. Lloyd Green does a pretty good job pointing this out, before veering off into black helicopter land with conspiracy theories and imagined parallels to Nixon etc...

Before that though, he was correct. The New York Times writes news from a NorthEastern Liberal perspective, using that to frame their stories on health care, climate change et al. CNN is more progressive, going so far as to 'fact-check' a Saturday Night Live skit that was critical of Obama. (via Politifact! - that great bastion of 'non-partisan' *but hardly non-ideological* truthiness).

Harris County Almanac is written from a Center-Right perspective. If you've been reading for a while, both here and on Lose an Eye you know where my biases lie. Most blogs are like that, more open about their perspectives than a media who thinks they are somehow superior by masking theirs.*

The key is not to try and avoid media without a perspective, that's impossible. What you have to do is identify which perspective the information is coming from and then apply the correct filter.

*Or, should we say, attempting to mask theirs. Due to editorial creep in the news media it's becoming more known where some writers stand on the big issues facing Houstonians today.

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