Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Noise Machine (10/22/09)

I know I said no updates, but there's some good stuff going on out there...

KPRC Reporter Mary Bentson wonders if the latest Houston Press cover is offensive. I truly hope it is, because good social satire should offend to some degree or its missed the mark.

Kevin Whited over at the newly re-vamped BlogHouston is asking the important questions....DOES the ChronBlog still employ editors? And, if so, what are they doing over at 801 Texas Avenue? Because it's sure not editing....

I'm not sure what to make of this story that Houstonians are among the most stressed. On the one hand, consider the source....Now I'm waiting for either new Houston service from Princess Cruise Lines or a "stress reduction" advertising special from them.

Wow, at least four public questions will be answered in the last Mayoral debate. My guess is they'll be questions that can easily be answered with platitudes, or which Peter Brown can claim he has a plan to fix. For more details go read Bradley Olson's blog post on ChronBlog.

It's true, I'm hard on L'il Red most of the time....and most of the time it's well deserved. She can, however, occasionally write something that closely resembles a Metro column. today's effort was one of those occasions.

There's a lot of ranting and raving about the obesity "epidemic" but no real concrete "solutions" for the problem. Except: "Tax the other guy" of course, which is the new American way.

The big, recycled local transportation story is commuter rail which Andrew Bruleson has been trying to convince Houstonians should be high-speed, specifically an elevated mag-lev unit. (Burleson's also been on a one-man rampage against business professional wear, although his suggestion we all borrow wardrobe from Lawrence of Arabia is making some people blanche.)

If you can't beat 'em....Sue 'em?. (Or, if you can't beat their marketing machine is more accurate.)

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