Monday, November 2, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/02/09)

All's quiet on election eve as a sense of foreboding falls on the populace of the Bayou City....(Or maybe that's just indigestion from too much Halloween candy?)

We got spirit! Yes we do! We got spirit! How 'bout you!?!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! (And without a dollar of bailout money to boot.)

Training the trainers to teach to the test. (It's the Texas Way!)

Ooohhh..Apple's *supposedly* got an e-reader, stop the presses and let's re-think an entire industry!

College rolls are at an all-time high, and graduation rates are at an all time low. (What does that tell you?)

The Chron's Caucasian Think-Tank is positively giddy over a plan to have $5 of each hotel stay given to charity. The Chron.commenters? Not so much. *Honestly, I don't see where the beef is here? It's not as if the program is mandatory....deserving of an Op-Ed? Well, probably not that either* (A mention in the Real Estate blog might have been warrented)

Wait...A college professor against tax hikes??? Printed in ChronBlog no less?? *Cue eruption in 5...4...3....*

Due to illness I missed this story from last week outlining how another influential local group scuttled plans for so-called "new urban" development in Houston. Apparently the proposed residents wouldn't own nice enough cars....

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