Monday, November 2, 2009

A quick discussion of the issues surrounding healthcare.

If you rely on ChronBlog's Washington Bureau, you won't see this. (Them choosing to rely on a select few news resources these days)

But, in case you missed it, Politico offered up several "ideas" pieces today illustrating the special-interest filled, legislative mess that has become healthcare reform in America....

The AARP wants to ensure that Medicare payments are not reduced, thus ensuring their members don't have to share in the sacrifice with the rest of the Country. The American Medical Association is also concerned about Medicare cuts, wanting to ensure that the Doctor's share of the sacrifice is less than other elements of the Country. Let's not forget the hospitals who are loving the idea of universal coverage which would mean that their number of unpaid treatments would plummet, thus ensuring their sacrifice is less than that of the rest of the Country. Then we have the Drug Companies who want to ensure that Federal grants for drug research keeps pouring in at unprecedented rates, thus offsetting the amount of sacrifice that they would have to make. Finally, we have the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which is very concerned about controlling costs, which makes sense, and would ensure that member businesses don't take it on the chin.

The point to be skimmed off the top of all this chatter is that no-industry, group or cross-section of citizens wants to be the financial loser in health-care reform. That's not to suggest that they are wrong to think that, but that there can be no true reform unless someone is willing to pay.

What's not been openly discussed during this entire mess of a healthcare debate is that, eventually, there's going to have to be an infusion of cash into the system at some level. Where this level is created will say a lot about whether the system will ultimately succeed or fail. Right now the level is being artificially manipulated to be at the corporate level and (ostensibly) the bank accounts of that most mythical of American citizen: The wealthy.

As long as every interest group stays determined to have their cake and eat it too? We're looking at a plan that's destined to fail.

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