Monday, November 2, 2009

Election Day Eve

What, you want predictions?


But you can find them here, here and here. I've been out of the pick the winner game for a couple of elections now, and I'm sure not going to pick this snoozer of a race to hop back in.

What I will do is hand out some awards. Just for grins, I think I'll call them the Significant Houston Internet Triumph awards. Recognizing significant Internet triumphs by Houston bloggers everywhere.

Best Polls: musings... I mean...come on...

Best Use of Awards designed to highlight the author's status as an "insider", Best use of the Mayoral race as an excuse to build up one's future campaign consulting prospects & Best shameless self-promotion

Mayoral Musings by Nancy Sims.

Here's just a sample...
I would consider my household to be a “habitual voter” address. If there is an election, at least one of us votes. Bonds, specials, generals and run-offs, we are there. We also live in a high-voting, transitional inner loop precinct. It is genuinely a “swing box”, meaning it splits the vote between Republican and Democratic voters. Given that, we have not received as much mail as one might have expected. We have seen other mail pieces though and feel confident in our assessment.
I mean, it wasn't even close.

Best Blog Value-Add to the current election

Charles Kuffner's Candidate Interviews.

Agree or disagree with the man's politics all you want....his interviews are solid.

Best running election commentary

Slampo's Place. Again...A sample:
We've finally realized what it is we've found subconsciously bothersome about mayoral candidate Peter Brown, and the revelation came via the hand of whichever artful contriver fashioned his plentiful television commercials. What Brown promises is magic, that with a stroke of his drafting pencil he can transform blueprints into reality, without the intercessionary messiness of politics, or the application of political skills (neither of which––politics or political skills––we're fully convinced he possesses).

His truly are some of the most honest political advertisements we've ever seen.

Worst polling by someone who should know better

Bob Stein and KHOU - Not only is there a weak screen for likely voters, but it just feels like Stein is mailing it in these days. His recent work has been almost indefensible even by those who supports the results he's been producing.

The "true" winner of the Houston Mayoral Race

Let's be honest with one another here....None of the candidates on the ballot hold a candle to don't know/undecided. That's right "None of the Above" is the winner.

Best political endorsement:

The ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank's weak-assed co-endorsement of both Annise Parker and Gene Locke. - If the former newspaper of record-Houston's largest political blog, who has more access to the candidates than any one Houston citizen can't take the time to make an informed choice....why the hell should anyone else? I reserve a space here for the "best show of hubris" award when the CCTT screams at Houstonians for not voting.

Which...of course...leads us to....

Best political ad:

Gene Locke's use of the dramatic pause - You may not be voting for the guy, but that ad was campaign poetry in motion.

Because of the general below-averageness of this race one prediction I will make is a low turnout. A very low turnout. I for one don't blame Houston one iota for not caring....If this is the best we can do God help us.

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  1. Best Use of Awards designed to highlight the author's status as an "insider", Best use of the Mayoral race as an excuse to build up one's future campaign consulting prospects & Best shameless self-promotion

    Oh, that's wicked ...


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