Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/04/2009)

What happens when a few of us elect the worst of us to govern all of us?

Of course, the big story is the elections. (By "big" I mean sucking up the most oxygen) Which means that She with an Unusual Affinity for Sunday Church Services and The Establishment Candidate (Redux) are going to be all over the airwaves today. This also means that election season isn't done despite most citizen's deeply held belief that it should be.

Nationally? It was somber night for President Obama. His supporters who bend over backwards to act like non-partisan independents are bending over backwards to convince you otherwise but, the truth is, there's probably not much joy this morning in the political strategy room of the White House. Of course, knowing they're facing the Republicans, there's probably not much panic either.

Locally you can read the election ruminations of the usual group of InterLeft chatterers or possibly even the thoughts of OK no, no...Oooh! Uh...not yet, of course not there really...well, you can get the Democratic perspective of the local elections from a variety of sources and some National chatter from local Republican blogs if you're so inclined. UPDATE: Big Jolly politics weighs in. (Probably the only local Republican blogger doing local political commentary on a regular basis.

I give you: The laziest columnist in Houston.

Can some political wonk tell me when was the last time a proposed Constitutional Amendment failed?

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