Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The HCA election night post.

This post is being written to comply with Section 1(d) Sub 8.2 of the Election blogging manual.

Tough night for the ChronBlog headline writer*: As Matt Bramanti notes: Dewey defeats Truman! Maybe someone should be monitoring these real time?

For those of you wondering "huh"? Here's some quick math:

29.8-25.9= 3.9
25.9-23.8= 2.1

The "tighter" race is between Locke and Brown for the second spot in the run-off.
Third time's a charm.

Best (relatively higher profile) race of the Night: Palm Holm (31.6%) and MJ Khan (31.5%) at 39% of precincts reporting to see who gets to challenge Ronald Green (35.9%) in a run-off.

Sign that the apocalypse is upon Houston: C.O. Bradford (he of the crime lab fiasco and K-mart debacle) is nearing election with almost 52% of the vote.UPDATE: With 58% reporting Bradford is down to 50.1% (And with that I'm going to bed)

Sign that Houston might be OK: Both Jolanda Jones (41.9%) and Sue Lovell (48.8%), who spent as much time arguing and bickering as they did governing, probably will have to go into run-off elections to keep their seats. (Way to go Houston) *Or...at least...around 200,000 of you.*

Proof that Internet polls are worthless: Roy Morales won the HCA "best of the worst" poll by one vote. (Margin of error +/- pretty much infinity)

My thoughts are: What part of town is still out? What polls there were in this race seemed to show Peter Brown leading among minority groups. Is the 40% that's "in" from the more Anglo West Side? Or the more diverse East/South side of Houston? I figure around 20% is the absolute ceiling for Morales. Still, I'm wondering what kind of odds you could have received before the election that he'd end up that high?

*To be fair, real-time results in elections move pretty quickly, so these are more humorous than anything else.

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