Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/10/09)

It's the countdown to nothing much really....

I'm confused....Is the Fort Hood service about the soldiers and their families, or about Obama?

OK, so walking in Houston is dangerous. Got that. What's unfortunate is that ChronBlog keeps going back to the CTC Houston and HGAC wells for answers how to solve said problem. *We GET it. Give Metro more money to build more at-grade rail and smart-growth. OK, but could there be ANOTHER way?* Unfortunately, in the lazy, mail-it-in world of Houston transportation debate the answer is "No". (At least according to ChronBlog)

This guy would be a good addition to the ChronBlog's limited rolodex on transportation issues. *And he's banging away on the rare smart 'reader blog' right there on ChronBlog*

Question of the day: Will a pro-Dynamo stadium stance result in a net GAIN of votes or a net LOSS of votes for Gene Locke?

Brown to endorse Parker? No word yet on that highly anticipated Morales endorsement. /sarcasm

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