Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's the jobs silly...

Ignoring fanciful predictions of huge GOP gains in the 2010 elections for a moment I'd like to highlight the writings of others for a moment illustrating how silly it is to make pick-up projections on low-turnout off-year elections.

1. No Matter what Happens, the top Issue is Jobs [Byron York, Washington Examiner]

2. Fed officials warn weak recovery won't spur jobs. [AP via ChronBlog]

At 10.2% unemployement Democatic approval ratings are dropping to the floor faster than an NFL player's dollar bills at a strip club. It's ugly, and only going to get uglier if key Democratic legislation is passed and enacted. Things are so bad among the Democratic leadership right now that even supporters are starting to have doubts, to say nothing about the Euros.

It's really pretty simple: If the Democrats want to stay in power they'd better take their eyes off of progressive brass rings and focus them on passing legislation that will put people to work. In the end, liberal goals like the Government takeover of your health and money while lining the pockets of Al Gore and his investors need to take a back seat to what the people need.

Remember when Bush & Co were in charge and the "subserviant to corporations" charge was bandied about?

Guess what? They were correct. Bush was a corporatist who pretty much gave them the keys to the treasury.

Guess what else? Obama & Co. is turning out to be just the same, only with a different set of grubby hands requesting the keys.

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