Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/11/09)

Hug a veteran...

There's going to be much political play over today's news that employers are going to face a tax hit to fund shortfalls in the unemployment fund. What won't be mentioned (because it's not politically adventageous to do so) is that the deferred tax hit that would come from accepting the federal funds and increased obligations would be much, much bigger.

Well...what ELSE do you expect him to say?

A "kinder, gentler" Black Friday? *At least at WalMart*

Casey keeps mailing them in. *Hey, it's good to have constants in this world right?*

Sometimes they're too easy
[The ChronBlog's Caucasian Think-Tank]
Most juveniles grow up to become responsible adults
The rest grow up to write editorials for the Houston Chronicle....*Thank you...I'll be here all night. Be sure to tip the wait staff and order the prime rib.*

Kevin Whited notes that the City of Houston is graciously subsidizing the communications charges for Bill White's Senate campaign. That's nice of them.

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