Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/12/09)

Give a man a fish...

Should we add walking to "Stuff White People Like"?

OK, let us get this clear. No...We're NOT asking you to apologize. You're reading all of that into it yourself.

Veterans Day means a lot of things to different people: A chance to thank the veterans, a day to reflect, a day to tell veterans to piss off...your choice.

Michel's out, waiting for the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank to suddenly care about the Texas Heart Institute. (A heartfelt, wistful goodbye would be nice, maybe a full-blown editorial?)

Most experts agree that higher oil prices will stunt the growth of the global economy. True to form, our Government is debating legislation that would drastically increase the price of oil.

The motivation for the Ft. Hood shootings either is NOT about religion (as opposed to the recent abortion Dr. slayings, which were all about religion) or all about religion (again, as opposed to the abortion Dr. killing which was, most certainly, about so much MORE than religion) depending on your position on the political spectrum.

In the same vein, the Federal stimulus is either a good or bad thing depending on which base group you are trying to appeal to in the campaign.

How's your spending?

Perry floats a flawed argument. If Texas had voted "for" Obama the resulting legislation would have been exactly the same. The target of the Democrats is Big Oil and the health industry, NOT Texas. It just so happens that those are the two biggest employers in the State. It's not about Texas, it's about dismantling consumerism and modern capitalism. *More ideological than personal if you will* (We'll find out if they're overreaching next year)

How to tell if you have no viable future in politics 101. Note to Scozzafava: You lost. Get over it. Crying 'foul' in your soup after the fact is something best suited to perennial candidates.

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