Monday, November 16, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/16/09)

It's R-A-D-N-O-F-S-K-Y & H-U-T-C-H-I-S-O-N for the love of it all....

From what I understand, the Tea Party participants aren't surprised that their targets are Republicans, despite the meme that was forwarded regarding their motivations. *Effective? Useful? No. But neither were they the astroturf movement that InterLeft bloggers portrayed them to be.*

Public support of health care's on life support.

A sure sign a boondoggle is in the future: Something! Must be done!

I realize Hank Gilbert is making early waves, the real question (not answered in this Fikac column) is whether or not he's still in his back yard, surrounded only by those whom he has invited to the party? *With a blogger/campaign manager who's de-friending people on facebook who hold different political beliefs*

All you need to know about transportation, provided you're not really all that interested in those pesky local transportation issues. *Sort-of fits in with the guiding mission of ChronBlog doesn't it?*

If you're not reading Slampo, why not?

We love jobs, yes we do, we love jobs, how 'bout you?

The sounds you hear are the heads of the folks over at Politifact exploding.

First they came for the car companies, then they came for the Doctors, next it was the bankers, now they're coming for the airlines (again) soon there will be no one left to protest. *Get ready big oil*

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