Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/17/09)

Drums from the deep.....

Read this. And then read it again.

V for Vendetta is great as a graphic novel, OK as a movie, not so hot as a means of controlling crime.

Sensing weakness? Parker begins the offensive. (Which leads us to our Question of the day: Parker's charges, dirty politics or legitimate issue?)

If you thought the County Clerk's office was hyper-partisan during Kaufman's tenure....hang on.

Pity the poor Landry's shareholders, if for nothing else than being gullible.

An ethics primer, in four seperate, distinct parts. *Jennings is rapidly climbing to the top of the local Bloggers O' the Right mountain, especially on local issues*

Never before has a blah political website received so much media attention. *Surely the media coverage (in Houston anyway) of the Governor's race won't be as soul-suckingly shallow as it was for the Mayoral?*

Expensive is not always better. *Most of the time it's just more expensive.*

NO. *That is all*

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