Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/28/09)

Back on the grid (so to speak)....

Today's candidate for Humanitarian of the Year.

Kevin Brady's star is a-risin' Speaking up being the very low bar for Republican representatives these days.

Expert political commentary (Subject to change if the economy improves)

Love is in the air.... (Question for the day: Is White considered an excellent candidate because he's so good? Or is it because what he's being compared to is so poor?)

Council, Council, Council...

After some prodding, Gene Locke releases his tax returns on the Thanksgiving Week news equivalent of "Friday @ 5 PM."

BlogHouston continues its focus on stories surrounding the CoH Parking Commission. (Unelected, and with an awful lot of power)

Remember the free downtown Metro trolleys? Well, they're back...for a bit....until the DangerTrain forces them to go away again...Ah the state of public transit in Houston

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