Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/29/09)

How can something so bad taste so good?

The Republican version of the "L" word. (Typically rolled out when a candidate is getting nervous.)

Loren Steffy, sales pitch?

College TV tries to grow up & (more importantly) get some viewers.

The new head of the Texas Forensic Science Panel argues with his family. In other news, it's hot in Houston in the Summer.

Bill King on crime. (It's too bad he didn't throw his hat in the ring for Houston Mayor, if for no other reason than to expand the dialogue from the "me too" rut.)

Slampo deconstructs the "sensible" tab and realizes that he's grown more sensible over the years as well.

I missed the CCTT's citing of an East Anglia professor days after the leaked climate e-mails. Thank goodness Texpat from Lone Star Times didn't. (Hee!)

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