Monday, November 30, 2009

The Noise Machine (11/30/2009)

Back to the grind.....

It's cute when the local art community gets mad. Meanwhile Wayne Dolcefino laughs all the way to the ratings bank.

While you don't want your church to be partisan, if they can't take a stand on issues, then what can they take a stand on? (Without admitting that you're pushing for Gov't controlled religion that is?)

Much ado about personalized plates. (And little ado about Holiday transit schedules, updates on construction etc.)

There's still little heat surrounding the City of Houston Controller's race. Which is sad for a position that's so vital to good municipal government.

Guaranteed with taxpayer funds. (Which, when you think about it, is the ultimate guarantee) *Probably not ideal, but very safe*

How good a Mayor was Bill White really? - An interesting idea for a series from the Bill White (I keed) Tribune. *You should check back on this often as more e-mails fly back n' forth* (Full Disclosure: I've e-mailed with Benzion extensively on this issue.)

Of course Bill White is running for Governor. (The question now is, can he stand up to Rick Perry's infamous campaign style?)

Are West Texas Democrats in trouble? (Is West Texas Flat?)

After a lifetime in public office, Rick Perry's got this travel thing down. He also knows how to spin. Look for that here.

Ah the Houston Press Turkeys of the Year. If you need any further evidence that Houston's (former) alt-weekly was mailing it in, you can stop at this story. Now, I'm no fan of Rick Perry, but naming him Houston's top turkey? Lazy, lazy journalism. Why not just link to Texas Monthly's (far better) Turkey story and save readers the hassle. (Or, as BlogHouston has suggested: Name themselves Houston's Turkey of the Year for the increasing amateurization and sloppiness of their content.

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