Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/01/09)

Happy Divine Reserve Day!!!

Tired of mud-slinging politics? Want to see a (reasonably) intelligent political discussion ofr a change? Here's the e-mail back n' forth for you.

It's all about the Rainy Day Fund and how it relates to the budgetary shortfall (I made mention of the article Kuffner is quoting yesterday, but he offers a Democratic perspective on how to deal with the issue {Roll-back the property tax decrease -or, as Republicans would call it: raise taxes} that will be bandied around the Lege next session.) *This is an early shot to be sure. Knowing Texas politics however the serious solutions to this will be limited, and not especially creative. Basically you'll get a choice between "tax more" or "cut services" with nothing in the middle. Such is the cost of mixing low-turnout elections w/the fallacy that longevity in office leads to increased competence.

One thing is for sure: there's going to be less rain in the forecast. If you get my meaning.

Matt Stiles openly wonders whether Government agencies do whatever they can to circumvent the spirit of open records laws. He's right, of course. Public servants typically don't like having to serve the public. Some feel that it's not in their job description and veiw requests by "civilians" as nuicances to their daily work of Saving the city, state, nation, world etc.

Texas AG Greg Abbott is suing some price-comparison websites for allegedly not providing unbiased information in their comparisons. *I am SHOCKED! to find out that influence peddling occurs in business! SHOCKED! I tell you!

On top of the push for a State gas tax increase by State Sen. John Carona (R - Foul Mood) comes the news that the Feds are considering the same thing. Keep this in mind when you hear 2010 Congressional candidates moan and wail about "stopping the pain at the pump". *The Government idea being that the only entity to turn a profit in the economy of the future is the Government

Is Kay Bailey Hutchison really going to be a player in the 2010 Gubernatorial election? William McKenzie says yes, whether or not she can defeat Rick Perry. (increasingly unlikely)

Back in Houston ChronBlog reports on Gene Locke asking the question: Is Annise Parker soft on crime? While the HPOU has an issue with a line in a Parker ad. Meanwhile, despite the protestations of local political 'pundits' the candidates still sound remarkably similar on the issues when they get together and actually talk about them.

Former Houston City Council member Gordan Quan is considering a run against Ed Emmett for Harris County Commissioner. By all accounts Emmett has done a good job, he's worked with members of both parties and is, perhaps, the most competent politician in the region. Despite this, Democratic loyalists are lining up behind Quan because he's well....a Democrat. *Thus putting an end to the myth that calls for bi-partisanship have any real meaning at all. What the vast majority in politics want is for their side to win, and for the other side to go down in flaming, humiliating defeat.

Parker supporters are all over this Hotze thing. If he loses Locke will have no-one to blame other than himself. *Note to politicians in Houston: If endorsed by Hotze, the proper tack is to RUN AWAY.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to charity, can we please leave the immigration question at the door? (Especially when dealing with children)

Count me as one of those who would prefer to use a debit card for in-flight purchases. That being said, Why does it have to be an either/or proposition? Sometimes the airlines' customer service people seem clueless.

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