Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Three stories that could matter

1. Here we go again with the Houston Crime Lab...This time in the Fingerprinting division, as ChronBlog's Moises Mendoza authors a chub letting us know that several officers are being placed on leave while up to six years worth of crimes are being investigated.

There are a couple of things this could impact, one more likely than the other. First, Mayor White's yet-to-be-finalized Gubernatorial switch. Not only will Rick Perry HAMMER White over this, but it's going to take away one of White's talking points as well. Second, and very unlikely, is the fact that the crime lab has consistently been an embarrassment for multiple Houston Mayors who fly (if unofficially) the Democratic party banner. If the Region had a decent Republican party machine, they'd make some hey with this and possibly use it to their advantage in the upcoming run-offs. That being said: This is the HCRP we're talking about, and given the proclivities of the local media any reports regarding fault will be sure to evenly distribute the blame.

2. It's time for the question: Do endorsements matter?

Thankfully the folks over at the Bill White Texas Tribune (I keed) do a better job digging for an answer than local (self described) insiders. They also come closer to the endorsement truth which is this: An endorsement is only as good as the size and loyalty of those following the endorser. For example: Stephen Hotze = Not so good. HPOU = Pretty good Cardinal DiNardo = Very good. *Not suggesting that DiNardo has endorsed, but if he did.....

3. Steve Miller of Texas Watchdog asks: Will a religious holiday impact the Dec. 12th election day?

My gut tells me no for two reasons: 1. Neither candidate is relying on the Hispanic vote as an integral part of their support. 2. Hispanics traditionally aren't that strong of a voting bloc anyway. (despite their many population advantages)

All that being said here's another question that would have been asked long ago in a good media town. What Texas Watchdog gives away in quantity to ChronBlog, they are making up in quality.

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