Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/03/09)

Baby it's cold outside. (With a possibility of snow, in early Houston....Damn Climate Change)

The Bill White Texas Tribune (I keed) files a good report this morning on RINO hunters. It's an interesting take on the "purity" standard for Tea Party activists. (A standard that could be politically impossible to live up to.)

How bad of a guy must this death row inmate be to warrant a Chron-Eye write up this short? "No redeeming qualities" comes to mind

In a choice between Cap n' Trade and nothing, a carbon tax wouldn't be that bad. Most business leaders have resigned themselves to the fact that Governments are going to work hard to make them less profitable in the name of Gaia going forward. The new idea is to minimize the bleeding.

Through the red-tape and battles won, something ineffectual this way comes.

Diversity is beauty. Or...something like that.

If punishing medical schools for not producing the right kinds of Doctors seems wise to you why stop there? How about punishing Universities for not producing enough teachers, or engineers....(Doesn't sound so good now does it?)

Save your pennies because they might (should) be gone soon.

The real loser in ClimateGate? The broader scientific community. (When you realize that many, not all, climate change skeptics aren't all that fond of science anyway, and the general public isn't very well educated regarding the scientific method, you start to realize how damaging this really is. The politicization of science is a bigger threat than lack of funding.)

Even the UK is starting to see the folly of trying to "save the planet".

Rust Belt ed-boards, a region who's economies will take a brutal hit from proposed "fixes", are waking up as well....Too bad the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank is still burying it's head in the sand (along with The Guardian -of course, people expect that from the Guardian, less a serious news source than an entertaining rag read on trains during the daily commute.)

Much ado about Hotze. (Ooooh....scandal...OK, what passes for scandal in the lukewarm slurry that is Houston's municipal government)

Lampson's thinking about jumping back in*. ...and in the InterLeft there was much rejoicing *All this election REALLY needs now is the return of Chris Bell. Maybe for Ag Commissioner? He could call on us to fire a "Moon shot" for Texas farmers, maybe even outdraw a corpse this time? (Or bring back the punching bag?)

Finally: This Fingerprinting lab story has broken at an inconvenient time for Bill White. Fortunately for him, it hasn't taken his partisans long to Pull out the "not his fault" card:
Some of these problems may have been going on for decades. got that!?! At least as far back as the last Republican Mayor. It'd be even better if they could tie all this to Tom DeLay or Rick Perry. (Admit it, you're waiting for that post just like I am...sort of like waiting for the anti-immigration comments in ChronBlog on a story that has nothing to do with immigration.) *Each side has their proclivities.

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