Thursday, December 3, 2009

Things to do when the Danvolution is over.

Maybe it should be called the Dan-volution, the movement by Dan Patrick to export his particular brand of theism corporatism Neo-conservatism across the State. If you haven't been paying attention, it's all come crashing down under a wave of saag paneer and declining ratings. Not only is the movement dead, but the glorious leader has become that which he originally despised, the ultimate political insider. (Going so far as to be a Perry confidant & supporter and calling for a *GASP* INCREASE in the State gasoline tax. Listening to the Dan speak now is like listening to every other politician. Gone are the populist rants about our (the taxpayers) money and free markets, replaced with ruminations about State revenues and how the State of Texas can solve problems.

Correct that...How Dan Patrick can solve the State's problems. Perhaps it was inevitable, that an ambitious man with a short attention span would ultimately view himself as holding the keys to prosperity in the State, instead of being the voice for the little guy, an idea on which he built his campaign (not to mention much of his popularity).

As we look forward to whatever 2010 brings to the table one thing that's not in the offering is the Texas "conservative" Dan-volution. Oh sure, there were signs that the movement had ground to a halt, but nothing from Dan the man himself. Paul Bettencourt abandoning the property tax relief movement to profit off the current system is one thing, admitting there are more radio listeners of Indian descent in Dallas than there are true believers in the Cause of Dan?

Well...that's something else altogether.

Truth be told the staff here at HCA (well, ok me) is going to miss following the exploits of the Danner in a glass-falling-off-the-table kind of way. From his decidedly non-conservative attempts to prune the rosebush, to his clutching of selected parts of the Bible, (those not dealing with tolerance one would guess) to his oft-times zany radio speeches that were meant to sound sincere, his act was sort-of fun to check up on, from time to time. Lately however it's just been more of the same, a politician stumping to a small loyal core of support regarding the need for everyone in Texas to sit up and listen to his plan. know, his plan is from above....

The Dan-volution is dead...long live airtime lease fees.


  1. What would one expect; didn't he also pimp the statewide smoking and trans fat ban proposals as his restaraunt assoc contributors didn't want to compete with those not subject to such things?

  2. I heard he did that as a favor for Edd Hendee in lieu of paying him a salary in 2009.

    (Yeah OK that's a joke)


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