Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/16/09)

Now with 33% more noise......

It's Leo Vasquez vs. Bill White in a cage match TO THE DEATH. (My money's on Vasquez, he's got slicked back hair.) - Is this political? You BET it is. That doesn't mean that the allegations aren't true, or that the City is in arrears, but addressing the issue in this, very public, manner is done with only one goal in mind: providing a future White opponent with a campaign point.

Say it ain't so Harold... Or, say it IS so. Either way this is not a surprise. I love the "I was not forced out" spin. ( were)

Give the guy this: When Slampo pens a love letter to his newly elected Councilmember, he REALLY pens a love-letter. (Meanwhile, the Chron's lazy, ineffectual Metro columnist is still going on about teh gay. Zzzzzzz)

Try as I might, I can't understand how the election of (White) Annise Parker, is the harbinger of America's demographic electoral change? (Reinforcing my point that reporters often try to make too much out of isolated incidents.) If anything, the election of a wonkish, long-time politician with a strong history of mediocrity reveals more about the lack of depth in Houston's political talent pool than anything else. It's not that Parker is bad (she's not) it's just that she's not shown anything to date that's especially good. *That being said she was the best of this sorry lot, IMO*

Truth doesn't fear the light of day. That's all I've got to say on that issue.

This story on Farouk Shami by Bill White Texas Tribune reporter Abbey Rappaport is quite possibly the most negatively slanted article I've seen in regards to a political candidate for office from one of the two major parties. (How negatively slanted? The web address for this reads "samaritans-and-snakeoil" {Working title?})

Houston Blogger and Urban Issues Expert Tory Gattis bends Mayor-Elect Parker's ear in regards to an agenda for her as Mayor. (Good stuff, even if you don't agree with all of his points.)

One thing about Houston, we've got no shortage of opinions. Michael Garfield gives Ms. Parker some unsolicited tech advice which includes offering tax credits to high tech firms looking to relocate.

When economic reality meets pie-in-the-sky rebound projections, reality is (unfortunately) the overwhelming favorite.

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