Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/17/09)

Oh for the love of it all...

I'll be people were wondering where this was when Houston was trying to get their wheezing, crashing broadband "dome" off the ground?

White fulfills promise, gets fingerprint ID up and running in city jails. - Thereby angering both immigration activists who feel he's gone too far as well as immigration opponents who feel he's not gone far enough. (Immigration: The issue that keeps on giving.)

Whoever she hires/promotes has a rough few years in front of them. With budget concerns and a sub-par infrastructure caused by years of neglect and (to be frank) poor management, HPD needs a full overhaul in a big way.

Here's a thought: Fire the lot of them. Everyone who was involved in the Comeaux fiasco, from the people who issued the wheelchair to the officers "taken by surprise". The Marines have a word for what went on in that situation.

So Congress is expected to raise the limit on borrowing, setting the stage for a historical pas de deaux. The Republicans' role, consider them the Mouse King, is to wail and howl aobut "unsustainable debt and fiscal irresponsibility" until their blue in the face. The Democrats' role, consider them the Nutcracker, is to sincerely speak about "necessities" and "tough choices" that they were "elected to do". If, by any chance, they can do this with an American flag in the background that's all the better. You, as the audience, have one role and one role only: You are to believe the lie that things are somehow different this time than they were when Bush was in office, similar bills came before Congress.....and the casting was reversed.

The war on Kinky for Ag Commish begins.

Political truism: No matter what the issue, there's always going to be someone for an issue and someone against that same issue. Remarkably, both sides cherry pick different sides of the same facts to prove their case, ignoring any evidence against. (The best way to examine this healthcare bill is on the margins. Stripping away the good things (there are some) and the bad (some of those also) where does this bill stand in that light. IMO the potentially unsustainable costs cancel out the marginal increase in the insured. What's left standing is a punishing tax increse that primarily is going to hit the middle class. *Again: The only way to 'reform' healthcare is to create a system where everyone pays, and is responsible for, their own care. Currently our system is designed to take responsibility away...which leads to fraud and waste.

Finally, The answer to the leaf question. Courtesy of Kathy Huber, one of the bright spots over at ChronBlog.

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