Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Noise Machine (12/31/09)

On the cusp of.....Friday.

So the ChronBlog's Caucasian Think-Tank is all over bringing back Glass-Steagall? Back in April I suggested this very same thing. I also added that, in addition to the repeal, additional Congressional action (on the part of both parties) and businesses forgoing business sense for a quick buck were all drivers of the mess we currently find ourselves in. At the time, some Democratic bloggers/commenters said I was out of my gourd. Now their party has latched on to that way of thinking. Are they out of their gourd as well? (If you answered "no", then you're right.)

Maybe it's just me, but using a Ring of Sauron Analogy from Tolkein's LOTR trilogy is maybe not the best way to push the meme that Metro's faulty Q-card payment system should be the single payment system for the entire region's coming transportation infrastructure?

It's official: We have the first, really bad, (racist?) election pun courtesy of newly minted Democratic Lite Gov candidate Marc Katz. Enjoy.

Jarvis Johnson advocates for minimum standards in rental housing. Given the Republican anger over Hubert Vo's apartments, I don't see how they could possibly be against this proposal, but I've been surprised before.

Unca Darrell, reminding the CCTT of the folly of their words once again. One of the better conservative apologists in town. (and a life-long Democrat to boot)

A little internal sparring at HCC to end the year. Local, petty turf wars are always worth a chuckle or two. (Unless it's the taxpayers that end up getting stormed)


This is interesting. (and it poses a potential problem during trial, you know, the non-military trials that we're giving them?)

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