Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: It ain't gonna happen

My list of things you won't hear (or see, or read) in 2010:

Houston Chronicle: "We're pleased to accept the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for..."

ChronBlog Caucasian Think Tank: "Metro would be wise to guard against wasteful spending during these hard times...."

Richard Justice: "I was right when I first told you about...."

John McClain: (Pre-season) "The Texans just aren't that good"

Jerome Solomon: "Dunta Robinson isn't that good of a cornerback"

The Texas Progressive Alliance: "Kudos to Republican...."

The Harris County Republican Party: "Our plan to increase Republican voters in Harris County starts with...."

The Houston Press: "We're pleased to announce the hiring of professional, investigative reporter....."

ChronBlog Editorial Page: "We're pleased to announce the hiring of conservative columnist....."

Rick Casey: "I'd like to apologize to readers for the following errors...."

Lisa Falkenberg: "This column isn't about me...."

BlogHouston: "GREAT headline in the Houston Chronicle today...."

Off the Kuff: "There's a better way to handle this than by building a train..."

Citizen's Transportation Coalition: "Metro's plans are folly...."

Tea Party Movement: "Kudos to President Obama for his leadership on...."

Houston Tea Party Patriots: "OK, this whole nullification thing was a bad idea...."

Texas Republican candidates for elected office: "I reject any comparison to Ronald Reagan....."

Texas Democratic candidates for elected office: "Well...the Republicans did do a good job on this...."

Tom Krikandall (Houston's Clear Thinkers) "The Justice Department has a well thought out, well reasoned argument in their case against...."

Eric Berger: "Here's a study disputing AGW"

Bill White: "My one regret is that we really blew it on the whole BARC thing"

"Houston Press Hair Balls Blog: "Our 2010 Blogger of the year is Cory Crow."

Harris County Almanac: "After much research and careful editing...I'm pleased to offer the following report."

Happy New Year all. (Laugh a little more this year will ya?)

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