Monday, January 4, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/04/10)

Farewell to the Aughts (but not the 211th decade)

Taxed by the mile The next wave of social engineering. (And brutally regressive toward the poor, who are being increasingly forced outside of the City Center)

Private financing for this is a great idea. I like the idea of a medical museum highlighting some of the Black pioneers in the profession. (I'm cool on the idea of public funds being directed toward this however. So, if you support this, consider a donation.) **Neat idea for a museum however, I could see where the public sector could donate some material as a means of support.**

Ike Grants and the unasked question. - (Was there no flood insurance in place, were they declined?)

Should a "regulatory" agency take an activist role? That's the question being asked in regards to the appointment of Al Armendariz as the new regional head of the EPA. (Historically, regulatory agencies have worked best with pragmatists in charge. During the Bush Presidency there's a case to be made that the EPA's regional head was too chummy with the industry, now the pendulum has swung the other way. What business (and jobs) need is consistency, not radicalism or favoritism.) *Let's depoliticize the regulation process at least, for the health of the Country.*

More on Houston as a nanotech leader. The stated idea being that nanotech is the wave of the future. (Which it has been for a while now, in the same vein that Dippin' Dots are the "ice cream of the future". What if the future never comes?)

The end of alternative schools? That could be the plan if the new HISD top dog gets his way.

This year's elections are the most important of the decade because of redistricting. (Wash, rinse, repeat....*Political reporting handbook Ch. 1 Section 27 sub 3*)


Houston (Publicly) gets a new Mayor Who's publicly talking about the budget. (Some things never change. Hopefully one thing that will change is that Parker's actions match her rhetoric.) **Something Mayor White never quite got the hang of**


  1. We are already taxed by the mile because those who buy more fuel pay more taxes. Why doesn't the lege fix the gas tax that is already in place but is going to things other than roads?

  2. That's true, but you have the option of reducing that tax by purchasing a vehicle with a high MPG rating. If they tax simply by "miles driven" then how are they going to know what type of car you're driving those miles in?


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