Thursday, January 7, 2010

Back in the day...

When MTV mattered (read: actually played music videos) some of the best directorial work was evidenced in their creation. Today you don't see much of that. With the collapse of the music industry and MTV's decision to become R(Reality)TV, the music video is somewhat of a lost art form.

Jay Z's latest "On to the next one" views like what music videos would be if the industry hadn't taken a hiatus from video form. Take a view. If you're not a fan of rap then just turn the volume down.

**Warning: Explicit language**

As for me, this song is in heavy rotation on my mp3 player. Organic, gritty, not overly auto-tuned etc. What rap comes back to in its best form.

NOTE: Not related to this at ALL. Outside of Noise Machine posts, blogging is going to be very, very sparse on the Almanac for a bit. The paying job and other priorities are taking precedence right now. The Diigo feed should be churning, as should (hopefully) third party editorials.

NOTE 2: If you haven't noticed, I've added a couple of new blog-links to the sidebar. One is a rather interesting trip being taken by some OU journalists to India, the second is Breitbart's BigJournalism feed. Yes, he's an advocacy journalist, and he also has some quality media criticism. (Which, really, is what the Almanac is about.

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