Monday, January 25, 2010

If only they offered podcasts or video streaming to the public....

their interviews might be relevant again.

(Peggy Fikac, Texas Politics, 01/25/2010)
Gov. Rick Perry won't be meeting with newspaper editorial boards as they decide which candidate to endorse, campaign spokesman Mark Miner said today.

Miner said that Perry still wants coverage, of course, and "we want to work with the media" but he doesn't want to spend the time on editorial board meetings.

"They can still endorse us if they want," Miner said. "A better use of the governor's time is speaking around the state, talking about issues that matter to people. If you have an opportunity to talk directly to people around the state or sit in a board room for two hours, we're choosing to travel around the state and talk about issues."

Kevin Whited has long suggested that the CCTT consider streaming these insider board meetings to the public, thus increasing their value to politicians and making it worth the public's time as well. For a blueprint, see the fine candidate interviews completed by Democratic/Progressive blogger Charles Kuffner.

As the amount of information available increases in everyday life the idea of editorial writers and newspaper editors acting as some sort of news filter to protect the general public from themselves is laughable. The end result is the obsolescence of old media traditions such as candidate/editorial board closed-door meetings.

Open it up and let the customer decide.

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