Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/26/10)

SOTU Eve.....

Let's talk about sex bay-bee. (Just maybe not to a bunch of 10yr olds OK?) *yuck*

Sheriff Garcia wants a SWAT team. What's this, a para-military County Police force? (What's he doing, angling for the Republican vote?)

The University of Texas-Austin is planning tuition hikes. In non-related news (we're told) Mack Brown is raking in $5MM per annum. (And, as ChronBlog has told us, their poor Regent isn't getting a raise.)

The way they were going I'm questioning whether there was a plan A.

A comedy in four acts:

We're gonna FREEZE that Federal Spending. (At least, that Federal spending on programs we don't like.)

The Sky is falling! (What will we do without massive federal funds?)

No! The sky is NOT falling! (Think of the finances of your children!)

Forget the children and their quality of life 50 years from now. The sky IS falling! (I know this because God told me. I'm a Reverend after all.)

The end....

If a State of the Union Speech is given in the woods...and no one is around to hear it....do spending cuts really get implemented? (Political theatre is the best theatre FWIW)


Taking the romance out of olive oil. (So you really want to be a farmer?)

Increased transparency in Government is a bi-partisan issue. (Except when it's not)

And finally.....

I sure am glad the old campaign finance laws (struck down by the SCOTUS) eradicated corporate money from politics. Oh....wait.

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