Monday, January 11, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/11/10)


Baby it's going to be (less) cold outside.....

I'm calling it now: A segment of the economy that produces no real, tangible goods or services, whose life expectancy is limited to current technology and for which there is already a glut of product in the market. That's right, the App market. It's the next bubble, albeit a small bubble due to economies of scale. Of course there are those who want to try and leverage that bubble to fuel Houston's new post-oil economy. Good luck with that.

The difference between Harry Reid and Trent Lott: (According to a ChronBlog.common blogger)Reid's a Democrat. That's all, nothing to see here. Hey, at least he admitted it. (of course, he didn't realize he admitted it but whatcha gon' do?)

Could this be the year Sheila Jackson-Lee goes down in defeat? Those mythical "some" seem to think so. (Who those "some" are we leave up to you because, aside from the required quote from Democrat Richard Murray, the article is a little sketchy on actually naming names of those who are foretelling her imminent defeat.)

HISD is considering whether or not to fire poor-performing teachers. Of course, Gayle Fallon is against this. (Losing teachers is bad for union business after all) Welcome to Houston Superintendent Grier. **A fun game is to read the comments on this story. Obviously they are primarily being made by teachers....teachers who hate the students they are teaching.**

Iiiiit's tax time!

If you've read "Bias" by Bernard Goldberg, today's anecdotal story of food-stamp recipients being "just like you" is expected. But is it the truth?

ChronBlog makes the point, Slampo makes the counter-point. (Slampo 1, ChronBlog 0)

It seems Nevada voters will do what Congress won't. Maybe.

Federal prosecutor wanted, apply...well...somewhere...please?? One thing that didn't change with the election of Obama was partisan fighting over Federal appointees. The more things change. Of course, it's all the fault of the other party.

The latest in the long line of opposition techniques that are suddenly unconstitutional. At this pace, disagreeing with the majority party is going to be anti-American. (Oh...wait)

Behold the inherent stupidity of legalism. In America, we have laws which forgo the need for common sense.

Media does matter, but only media whose values with which you agree apparently.

And finally....

Today's moment of mind-numbing idiocy courtesy of scrap-heap writer (and carbon belching home-owner) Thomas Friedman. (Read and enjoy.)

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