Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/10/10)

The silly season.....

It could be that the main problem in society today is that our thinkers aren't all that smart. (No one group caused the recession, substituting your agenda/biases for root-cause analysis is a sign that basic reasoning skills are lacking.)

There are a few things that need to be said about today's ChronBlog Caucasian Think Tank editorial
1. Hooking something that's working up to something that's not working brings everything down to the level of the item that's not working so well.
2. It's no coincidence that those who support a bad idea are leaning on one another for support rather than applying critical thought to the issue.
3. In LOTR, the creator of the One ring tried to control, and ultimately destroy, the makers of the other rings and the rest of humanity.
4. ChronBlog's not a meaningful opinion-maker on rail issues for obvious reasons.
5. Many of the other fellow-travelers have financial interests at stake here as well.
6. The idea of public transit should still be to increase travel options, Metro's plan is to reduce travel options.

Avatar derangement syndrome is spreading. Trying to read too much into a movie that most like for no other reasons than that the pictures are pretty is sad.

Another progress report on HISD's efforts to fix under-performing schools. It's not pretty right now, but that doesn't mean that continuing to try is advisable.

Galveston gets a post-Ike boost.

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  1. A comment I posted to the ChronBlog editorial:

    Uh... hey folks, have you ever watched (or, better yet, read) the LOTR trilogy? The foundation for the story was "one Ring to rule them all" (a metapor for the "new, regional boss agency" maybe?) was PURE EVIL, and corrupted anyone who came close to it? Is THAT the model you want our transit system to follow!?

    Actually, I am thinking that the LOTR model might well be where we are headed: one agency to destroy all hope of ever having a functioning mass-transit system.


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