Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/09/10)

Special weekend bonus edition.....

Out! Out! Damned Charlatan! (Unfortunately nullifying (for now) the local contest that had the highest humor potential.) A bigger story is why the hell the HCDP couldn't find a candidate who could fog a mirror to challenge Eversole.

A few new developments do not a trend make, but it's a good touchy-feely for a home industry that's been kicked in the teeth.

"If all passengers will remain in their seats we'll take off as soon as we are fully-stocked with lemon-soaked paper napkins." (See, HHGTTG the book if you don't understand that reference.) Eventually this economy is going to turn around dammit, we swear.

When the EPA speaks, Texas politicians start issuing soundbytes, even the politicians who swear up and down that they're not career politicians (Despite being Mayor of a big City for the last 6 years which, last I checked, is a political position.)

Hell at that rate......

Hey, we get ours....That's enough to make most politicians and news agencies happy. (Just overlook the actual effectiveness of the program, or how many JOBS it's going to create. We get ours.)

It's College Football Saturday at the ChronBlog Caucasian Think-Tank? As if shoddy football analysis from the ChronBlog sports columnists wasn't enough?

This just in: Some people take things Waaay to seriously. (Look, if you really think people are watching Avatar for the ecological and "anti-corporate" messages instead of the brilliant special effect then you need to put down the progressive pipe and slowly back away. Take some time off or something. The Man will still be here when you get back.)

Speaking of taking things way to seriously. (If you think nullification is a serious political option then you might benefit from the same time off as those Avatar people.)


We're all going to DIE!!!!!...oh, wait...nevermind. (Sorry about that)

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