Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/12/10)

Sell Drayton! Sell!!!

Conservative Blogger BigJolly is Picking up the Kuffner judicial questionnaire gauntlet on the Republican side. He's also authoring issues pieces for the various candidates. Here are his posts for Texas House District 149 and Jack O'Connor. As with Charles Kuffner's interviews I won't be linking to each and every one of them, but now you know they're out there. (Kudos to both bloggers for taking the time to provide this public service. Certainly, in local races especially, coverage such as this is lacking)

Whew!...I don't know about you but seeing "Heights" and "fire" in the same headline is getting old.

When "Chron Eye" gets outsourced the results just don't lend themselves to the same level of mockery. (Damn budget cutbacks)

Harris County Commissioner's Court delays (again) on joining the regional storm agency. Of course, delaying, for them, is a viable option since they are pretty much locked in the position for as long as they wish.

Charles Kuffner suggests creating more precincts to reduce County Commissioner power, or "toughening ethics laws" and redrawing government from a regional perspective. ("One Government" to rule them all?) Sound familiar?

Speaking of Charles Kuffner, he's not high on a potential Perry Presidential push. Neither am I FWIW, for many of the same reasons and some additional.

Ask and ye shall receive? Dwight Silverman talks Windows7. He's not totally repulsed, provided he can run it on his MacBook that is. (The tips in there are useful, and basic)

Let's see, a builders' organization hires a consultant to speak at their annual conference and, miraculously he predicts better times are just on the horizon. Didn't see that one coming.

Fresh off the abortion fight, religious leaders are now preparing an immigration push.

The future of TV: Don't sneeze while watching or you'll change the channel during that critical 4th down play.

For all of the talk of "constrained energy supply" and warnings that we're going to have to pack into our cities like sardines to make future living work, there's never much discussion in new-urbanist circles about new energy finds and new technologies. If there were, possibly their arguments would have more credibility. (Of course, if there were, their arguments would fall apart as well. So there's that.)

Political wonks rejoice. The important question of Houston City Council Committees has been sorted.

On the heels of criticism from almost every honest observer that the Obama administration has lacked on the transparency front, a group of left-leaning "watchdog" groups score Obama an "A". (The only excuse I can come up with for them is that they're grading on a steep curve.)

Amid projections of a lackluster, election year congressional year the Democratic leadership is vowing to push our wheezing Congress to spend the income of future generations like never before. Republicans meanwhile are left sharpening old saws as they wait for the projected collapse of the party in power. (They say in politics that the corruption never changes, it just springs from different sources. The same should be said for the level of incompetence as well. Democracy is not shelf stable, as we're slowly finding out.)

Remember this: A horse is a horse is a horse. Unless that horse is a donkey. (In which case it's a money-tree for pet projects that must be fertilized at all costs) And now you know everything you need to know about the Harry Reid affair.

Slampo takes a look at a (seemingly) innocuous comment by Gubernatorial candidate Bill White on Facebook about the Yates/Lee fiasco and highlights one of the problems with our Country while he's at it. (Hint: "I have seen the enemy, and he is us." - Pogo Possum)


This is why we can't have anything fun in America. (Avatar Derangement Syndrome is very real, and it's spreading across party lines.)

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