Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/13/10)

Now with 30% less noise.....

Internet free China. Not as catchy as Radio Free London is it?

Haiti in crisis. If you saw the chart of the main earthquake and the aftershocks yesterday it was stunning.

Suburbs, Tacos & the changing demographics of formerly Caucasian areas. It'd be interesting to see where these Latinos are coming from. Are they new immigrants or are they transplants fleeing the Utopian bliss of new urban cities. (Cities where, it should be noted, residences are getting more and more difficult to afford.)

Today's Healthcare moment. Bringing an end to the idea that "free" or "cheap" healthcare is going to somehow reduce costs. (And shooting big holes in the argument for the current reform bill.)

As has been his pattern, Gov. Perry is going to reject a one-time infusion of Federal cash that brings with it a large increase in unfunded mandates going forward. That won't be popular with those who would have us be more like California, but it's probably prudent. (Although I am not a big fan of Mssr. Perry I find myself in agreement with him on fiscal issues such as this.)

Is it me? Or is Houston Tomorrow president David Crossley just recycling the same editorial over and over with a different header? There's never any detail, no mention of cost, whether the City can afford it, or what is going to happen to property values should these 'plans' be enacted? (Hint: if you're poor, tough) Is having one, personal freedom draining idea (Granted, a HUGE personal freedom draining idea) all it takes these days to be a Houston Bright? Sad.

Can you hear me now? (Apparently not)

Let the character assassination of Farouk Shami begin. At least we know which blogs Casey is reading.

The case for Solar over coal made with one glaring omission. (Hint: What do we do when the sun doesn't shine?)


Loren Steffy, still missing the boat. At least some things stay the same in this crazy world.

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