Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I don't make 'em up....

I just talks about 'em.....

Typical "Oh My GAWD!!!!!" story in ChronBlog today about the SBOE's impending changes to history and social studies curriculum.

Depending on where you sit on the ideological fence this means that we're either one step removed from suddenly morphing into a state of mouth-breathing illiterates or we're drawing closer to the ultimate realization of God's kingdom on earth....well, except for the humidity, hurricanes, new urban/social control bureaucrats, budget get the drift.

The point is that this is typically the time when those who fancy themselves smarter (or holier) than us typically was philosophical in the comments section. Take these Mensa candidates for example:
Commenter DDH:
Religious or non-religious - to think that religion needs to play ANY part of public eductation is ignorant an assinine at best. The only place it belongs in public school teaching might be learning what basics beliefs and religious history is in a history course or perhaps social studies. Beyond that, there is no room for it except in the minds of the mindless sheeple.

Commenter georgex:
I doubt that this pious broad members will point out that Thomas Jefferson was very critical of organized religion preferring to idea that ones relationship with God was between himself and God and not the business of others.

My favorite:
Commenter sharpdressedman:
By all means separate church and churches
I'll leave it to you to determine how the act of taxation constitutes 'separation'.

Commenter Bonnie 75:
i say if you dont like it leave, bye no one will miss you!!!!! ive had enough of people saying what we can or cannot do on school property. if someone feels like praying then pray without getting in trouble. so to all of you winers outhere get over it. I am so over political correctness i say what i want and mean what i say i dont care whose feelings i hurt. oh and as for the private school comment what about the people who cant afford it. is it religion be damned too bad your poor.

Regardless of one's stand on the presence of religion in public education, I think we can all agree that, while not especially productive, the debate from the fiery fringes is, at the least, entertaining.

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