Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/14/10)

I say yes, you say no...that's the way it goes....

Woo Hoo! More taxes on the other guy!!!

During downtimes, people typically go back to the cheaper alternative. Aesthetics and 'cool factor' be damned. (The predicted death of the PC could is premature methinks.)

Hey ChronBlog, Welcome to last week. (Not "news")

A bag! A bag! My hard-on-the-poor-touchy-feely program for a bag!

Some closure to a Houston tragedy.

This is why we can't have anything funny in America any more.

Skilled, robust and experienced....and that was just the 'welcome' buffet. (After the event sunshine was blown up attendant's asses and 'optimism' was said to abound.) Tragically, that went unreported.

Hello ChronBlog Austin Bureau, welcome to last week. Big Jolly's been all over this one

Yes we Can!
No you Can't!

Proof positive that the media never wastes the opportunity to expose a mighty disconnect. (I'm so glad they're here to tell us these things.)

A modest proposal (Can't wait to see the campaign signs for this one.)

Texas Watchdog gets some results. (Results that, given the nature of politics, will be pooh-poohed, thrown down a sinkhole, forgotten, and then burned. Thus proving that there was something to this despite protestations of partisans to the contrary.)

Someone finally questions the taxpayer subsidizing of those silly boats in that man-made creek in Teh Woodlands.

Perry says no! Abby Rappaport editorializes that it's bad. (Continuing an early Texas Tribune theme. Political decision is made, Texas Tribune editorializes about it in their 'news' coverage.)

Get ready for all debate all the time coverage today from the State's various news outlets. Mediocre and below-average news outlets LOVE debates, it provides for easy fodder. In reality most political observers know that today's debates are scripted to the point of being more not-news than news. (The things to look for are "my candidate won" summations that don't provide any reason WHY said candidate won {other than the fact the blogger has endorsed that candidate} and opposition party-bloggers and commenters calling the Candidates (and their supporters) "loosers". I'm thinking about leveraging the latter into some kind of on-line drinking game. Possibly through Twitter.**)

and finally.....

"Fact-checking" (in reality political opinion) brought to it's lowest low hits Texas. I don't expect much, and neither should you.

**Who's with me? If you find a "looser" out there in the blogosphere, provide a link on Twitter and everyone has to drink one. If you find a "looser" coupled with another misspelled put-down, then everyone has to drink two.**

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