Monday, January 18, 2010

The Noise Machine (01/18/10) *CORRECTED*

One......singular sensation...

You have to get a license to drive a car, own a handgun carry a concealed handgun*, own a dog, yet just about anyone can become a parent.

Texas Task Force One is still waiting. Which highlights the difficulty of an aid situation when you can't get aid to those who need it. (It's telling that the rescue efforts we're still seeing are just a bunch of ordinary citizens trying to tunnel in through collapsed buildings.)

Anyone else having trouble working up a can of concern for Texas' University presidents? Nah...I didn't think so.

The best news to come out of the formal announcement of Mayor Parker's staff is that local news outlets are still going to be able to omit the fact that quote-machine Bob Stein is married to the Mayor's agenda director when they go to him for evaluation of Parker's programs.

When times get worse, criminals get more desperate and are willing to take more risks. This should not come as a surprise. (To anyone paying attention that is) Taking one anecdotal example that's negative toward the police and using it as a basis to advocate for sweeping HPD changes? Well, if you're a long-time reader/observer of ChronBlog, that shouldn't surprise you too much either.**

Texas is poised to bounce-back from the economic recession first. Of course, that assumes the political climate stays constant...(and that the state's competitive advantage isn't given away, hardly a given.)

If I were advising Bill White, my advice would be to do as many of these fluff interviews as possible. No reason to muddy the waters with hard questions about City of Houston finances, The Center Serving Persons with Mental Retardation, Galleria-area land-deals, etc. (There will be time enough for that once he gets past the primary.)

Of course, if Bill White runs out of friendly bloggers, ChronBlog is always available. (I'm at a loss to determine what type of value-add these fawning, syrupy features-style write ups add to a race, but ChronBlog sure seems infatuated with them. They read more like partisan blog posts than actual journalism.)

And finally.....

Your essential weekly Clarkson. Because we care.

*Thanks to commenter EdT for pointing out that, in Texas anyway, you don't need a license to own a handgun, only to carry a concealed one. Thanks Ed!
**I'm not suggesting that the report is wrong, or that it's right. What I DO know is that there's not enough evidence in this opening debate argument to tell if there's a trend of increased police force or no.


  1. A comment, and a minor nit:

    Comment: If TTF1 was "stood down" by the FEMA of GWB, there would be calls for somebody's head. Same with what by all accounts appears to be a real charlie-foxtrot of a rescue/relief effort. This time? Strangely enough, all I hear is... crickets.

    Minor nit: you don't need a license to own a handgun (not in Texas.) To carry one concealed, yes... but not to buy one. Not yet, anyway.


  2. True, but you do have to at least undergo a background check, something parents don't even have to do.


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